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Using Spices for Healthy Cooking

Seasoning the Moment is here to help!

Every cook from the beginner home cook to top chefs knows that sometimes spices make the meal. They change the flavor and add depth to any dish, but they can also help to boost your metabolism, lower inflammation, and improve your immune system. With so many health benefits from adding a few spices to your cooking, there is no reason to avoid them.

Source Quality Spices

The key to the best flavor and the most benefits, is to find spices that are from a trustworthy source and that are high quality. Some lesser brands will use fillers, synthetic flavoring, and low quality herbs to create their spices. At Seasoning the Moment, all of the ingredients are natural and sourced from only the highest quality spices on the market. Boosting the flavor to any dish makes it easy to stay on any diet. Each of our blends are gluten free, sugar free, free of sugar substitutes and sulfites along with common allergens such as dairy or soy.

Our blends are compatible with the Whole30, Paleo and Keto lifestyles but can benefit anyone, regardless of diet needs or restrictions.

Top Health Benefits from Popular Spices

Spices will not only benefit every home cooked meal, but they can help to improve some known health conditions. Those that are seeking to lose weight can use certain spices, like cinnamon or turmeric. Studies have shown that they can boost metabolism, help to curb the appetite and burn fat. Cinnamon can increase thermogenesis, while cayenne can rev up the metabolism to help to burn calories. Including spices like ginger and garlic to your diet can decrease inflammation and reduce the pain levels in joints and muscles.

Some other benefits to spicing up your dishes with our blends is adding flavor without adding sugar, soy, gluten, grains, dairy, corn or other unnecessary fillers. All of our blends have some form of garlic, known to boost the immune system and can assist in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Some spices like garlic, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, can be beneficial for increasing circulation or blood flow. At Seasoning the Moment, we incorporate many of these beneficial spices into our blends as they can enrich your meals and your health.

Incorporating New Flavours in Your Diet

People never like to be on a “diet” and the word often makes one cringe at the thought of eating restrictions. At Seasoning the Moment, we say that you do not have to give up on having flavorful meals while avoiding the things your new lifestyle dictates. Our blends can season meats and vegetables while also making dips and dressings. We offer a great variety that will surely please even the most meticulous of eaters in your household while maintaining a new healthy lifestyle.

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