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Whole30® Turkey Meatloaf

Ground turkey makes a great meatloaf that is moist and light in taste. Many do not like meatloaf made form beef so, I set out to create this alternative. You can serve with a side of potatoes or broccoli for a quick and easy dinner. Meatloaf is also great the next day as a meatloaf sandwich using lettuce instead of bread.

6 Servings

Cooking Time 1 hour 10 minutes


3 pounds of ground turkey

2 eggs

2 tbsp Awesome Onion Horseradish spice

2 tbsp Kickin' Tomato Horseradish spice

2 tbsp of Rub You Right All Purpose Rub

1 oz 15 can of tomato sauce

1 cup of almond flour


Step 1 Preheat oven to 400

Step 2 Mix spices into the tomato sauce and set aside. Note - Reserve half a cup of the sauce mix to use to top the meatloaf.

Step 3

Mix the eggs into the turkey meat. Mix the almond flour in and then the remainder of the sauce mixture. Mix well and form into a loaf pan that has been coated with avocado oil spray or olive oil. Cover with foil and cook for 45 minutes.

Step 4

Pull out of the oven and remove the foil. Spoon sauce mixture on top, spread around, and place back in the oven uncovered for about 25 minutes. Cook until the center of the loaf is 160. Let it rest 10 minutes before slicing.

Step 5

Serve with a side of potatoes or broccoli for a quick and easy Whole30 dinner

Note: If you prefer beef, you can swap it out for the turkey. It may not take as long to cook though because turkey has a lot mor moisture.

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