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Ranch is America's favorite condiment and here it is kicked up a notch with smoky chipotle peppers. It's just the right blend of spices and fresh tasting herbs to make a familiar favorite with a touch of heat. Not only can you make a ranch dressing or a creamy ranch dip with this mix, it also seasons potatoes, chicken, pork, meatballs, burgers and more.  You can also make a dip and thin it out a bit to drizzle over tacos.  Yum!


To make a Dip, stir 2 tablespoons of mix with: 1 cup Compliant Sour Cream and 1 cup of Avocado Mayonnaise


To Make a Salad Dressing, stir 2 tablespoons of mix  with 2 cups of Avocado Mayonnaise, 1.5 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar, 3 tsp. White Wine Vinegar, 4 Tbl. Coconut Milk (solid), (Add 2 Tbl unsweetened Almond Milk  or water to thin to your liking - Optional)


With All Methods:  Chill 2 - 4 Hours Before Serving for the Best Flavor.


Recipes for compliant sour cream and cream cheese are here under the Recipes tab on our Blog page.


This also is a great rub for chicken, beef and pork.  Use a tablespoon per pound of meat and it is best to put it on an hour or two before cooking.  Overnight is better if you have the time. 


Chipotle Ranch Rub, Dressing and Dip Mix 6 oz.

  • Ingredients: onion powdersea saltherbs and spicesgarlicchipotle pepper, parsley, tartaric acid.

    No added MSG or sugar. Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Hand-crafted in small batches

    Allergy Alert:  Packaged in a facility that handles sesame seeds

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